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About Our Telemedicine EHR

The EPOWERdoc VitalTelemed Telemedicine EHR Platform provides a comprehensive, web-based solution for the rapidly expanding practice of Telemedicine. Current Telemedicine platforms require the combination of multiple systems for achieving patient access, documentation of the encounter, e-prescription, coding and billing, and administrative features. VitalTelemed is the only platform that is a Telemedicine EHR and combines all of these features into one seamless system, allowing comprehensive and efficient care in a single environment.

Employing Telemedicine to
Serve Patients During COVID-19

While telemedicine has been gaining acceptance in more and more practices, its role in this pandemic is crucial. Our VitalTelemed Telemedicine EHR platform can be implemented within days, enabling clinics and hospitals to meet the surge by triaging less serious patients to remote care via telemedicine. This allows for traditional resources to be dedicated to the care of patients with emergencies not related to COVID-19. To see a demo, contact us using the form above.

Latest News

  • Surepoint Emergency Centers Select VitalTelemed Platform

    June 25, 2020

    VitalTelemed has been selected to provide its Telemedicine EHR Platform at the Surepoint Emergency Centers freestanding emergency center in Dallas, Texas. The VitalTelemed team worked with the Information Technology staff at Surepoint Emergency Centers to bring the Telemedicine EHR Platform live.

  • The Many Benefits of Telemedicine (Part 4): Insurers

    October 7, 2019

    In looking at the many benefits of Telemedicine, it is easy to see how patients, individual providers and hospitals and clinics benefit. But is it also true that insurers stand to benefit from the expansion of Telemedicine Simply put, yes.

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