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In 1997, Wes Grigsby, Chairman of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Creighton University Medical Center in Omaha, Nebraska, sought a template system for the Creighton Emergency Department. Dissatisfied with what was available, he set about creating a system that reflected the exceptional care that ED physicians and nurses provide, with special emphasis on maximizing documentation and minimizing medical-legal risks. As well, he demanded it be efficient and non-cumbersome. Two years later, EPOWERdoc, Inc was born.

EPOWERdoc quickly grew to become the second largest provider of paper template documentation systems in Emergency Medicine.  Building on that foundation, in 2008 EPOWERdoc introduced a totally revolutionary Emergency Department Information System (EDIS) software platform centered around clinician workflow, EMRDoc.  EMRDoc became the only EDIS in the United States to receive a US Patent on its revolutionary design.

EPOWERdoc has rapidly grown to become a leader in the EDIS software realm and as added a Micro Hospital Inpatient Module and other unique features to the system.  EPOWERdoc continues its success with the introduction of the VitalTelemed Telemedicine EHR platform.  VitalTelemed is the only Telemedicine EHR that contains all of the features necessary for a Telemedicine encounter in one simple to use platform as well as medical content for condition specific documentation.

Today, this diversification makes EPOWERdoc a leader in computerized Emergency Department Information Systems (EDIS), using a design team comprised of emergency physicians and nurses.  Additionally, the company provides superior medical content for other vendor EMR builds. As it was from the beginning, the EPOWERdoc motto is centered around excellence, integrity, and service. Every employee is committed to going above and beyond in meeting the needs of the client, focusing on the specialized needs of the physicians, nurses, and hospitals we serve.

Expanding the EPOWERdoc Mission

EPOWERdoc’s Administrative staff continues to promote the value of giving back to make the world a better place through our efforts of providing access to healthcare for the underserved.

Our CEO, Dr. Wes Grigsby, has been active in Global Partners in Hope since 2004 and chaired The Mali Project overseeing the building of a women’s and children’s hospital in Mali West Africa which opened in May of 2006 and has served over 17,000 births since then. Dr. Grigsby recently completed a trip to Beijing, China to coordinate a partnership between Peking University Health Sciences Center and Baylor University to promote more universal healthcare access in China.

Our President, Dr. David Ernst, has worked for over 20 years as a volunteer physician at a Catholic Charities Homeless Shelter in northern Ohio and continues to volunteer his time to local community efforts toward providing care to the underserved.

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