The Many Benefits of Telemedicine (Part 2): Providers

August 12, 2020

The “old way” of specialists providing service to rural communities involved firing up the sedan and hitting the highway. For many physicians who have been in practice for a decade or more, it isn’t uncommon to hear them speak of hours on the road – reducing the number of productive hours they had for seeing patients or completing vital office work – to visit a distant outpost to deliver care to a handful of patients.

With the dawn of Telemedicine, these hours on the road can be translated into hours delivering high quality care to patients in rural areas across a service area.

In addition to saving time, Telemedicine offers these benefits to providers:

  • Saves dollars on travel.

  • Increases the availability of providers to see patients in the clinic and via Telemedicine.

  • Offers providers more time to complete necessary paperwork.

  • Reduces the amount of time rural patients have to wait for a consult with a specialist.

In addition to these benefits, Telemedicine also offers a great opportunity for rural providers to pick up continuing education hours without picking up and traveling to the “big city.” This ensures local providers spend more time serving patients locally.

In Part 3 of our series, we will take a closer look at the benefit of Telemedicine to hospitals and clinics.

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