The Role of Telemedicine in the COVID-19 Response

March 24, 2020

As healthcare providers we are in unprecedented times.

Across the country – and around the world – the COVID-19 pandemic is overwhelming primary Emergency Departments, care clinics, urgent care clinics, and inpatient units. In areas where the spread is limited, plans are being activated for what is expected to be a surge in patients the likes of which our Healthcare System has never experienced.

In a time like this, it is vital that healthcare providers have tools available that allow the triage and remote care of patients that will assist in not only helping relieve the overwhelming patient burden, but also provide a safe care environment for the provider, patient, and outside population.

In an effort to help overcome these challenges, EPOWERdoc has released the VitalTelemed Telemedicine EHR platform that allows remotely providing safe and efficient care.  VitalTelemed contains all the features necessary for completing a patient encounter including content specific to condition for over 130 presentations to create a complete and billable medical record, surveillance reporting, COVID-19 screening, e-Prescription, discharge instructions, and followup referral.

The VitalTelemed platform can be implemented within days, enabling clinics and hospitals to meet the surge by triaging less serious patients to remote care via telemedicine and allowing traditional resources to be able to care for the emergencies not related to COVID-19.

The benefits of implementing a telemedicine platform, specifically in the midst of this pandemic, are many:

  • Providing services via telemedicine is in line with recommendations from the CDC in regard to social distancing and self-quarantine and provides a safe environment for the provider, patient, and others.
  • Self Quarantined providers can still assist in the care process through remote Telemedicine.
  • Care can be efficiently delivered to those who do not require hands-on services, reducing the burden on clinics, Emergency Departments and hospitals.
  • In response to the pandemic, a number of restrictions on reimbursement for telehealth services have been lifted or are in the process of being modified by CMS. This will ensure providers are appropriately compensated for care.

While telemedicine has been gaining acceptance in more and more practices, we anticipate its role in this pandemic to be vital. The value of reducing stress on our physical facilities, while continuing to meet the needs of less critical patients while fairly compensating our providers cannot be understated.

Our team is prepared to meet your needs, even in the midst of this national emergency. For more information on the VitalTelemed platform and how quickly we can have you up and running, please reply to this email, contact Ed Mundy at emundy@epowerdoc.com, or visit www.vitaltelemed.com.

EPOWERdoc is a leading provider of Emergency Department Information Systems and Micro Hospital Inpatient Modules to over 260 facilities in the US and Internationally.


Here are a few resources providing the latest information on reimbursement changes for telemedicine in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Below is a link to our Position Paper on the many-faceted benefits of Telemedicine.

  • VitalTelemed Position Paper: https://www.epowerdoc.com/media/cms/19_TelemedPositionPaper_33156BCBC9628.pdf

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